Dental Models

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  • Progression of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Model
    This model serves as a graphic reminder to parents of the damaging tooth decay that can occur if a baby or young child is put to bed with a bottle of juice, breastmilk, formula, or any other liquid containing sugar. Mounted on plastic base. ..
  • Sealant Demonstrator Model
    Present the benefits of pit & fissure sealant treatment, four times larger than life.  Hand cast and assembled of tough epoxy plastic in natural colours. Measures L: 5 1/2" x W:2 1/4". ..
  • Smoker's Foul Mouth Model
    Graphically displays what cigarette smoking can do in the mouth. Details a variety of harmful effects, including gum disease, tooth decay, lip cancer, and more. This unique, hinged model includes two removable tongues: hairy tongue and leukoplakia with tongue cancer. ..
  • Study PFM Model
    This study model features: PFM Crown with Ceka connecting unit;  PFM 3 Unit Bridge; Post & Core; Porcelain Veneer; Maryland Bridge; Metal connecting unit for Partial Denture; Semi Precious keyway for Partial Denture; Cast Gold..
  • Teeth in Tobacco Model
    Sealed in a plastic jar of simulated tobacco juice containing tobacco flakes, this model of damaged and decayed teeth and gums send a clear message about the effects of smokeless tobacco use.  Size: 9cm x 15cm. ..
  • TePe Communicator Interdental Hygiene Model
    The TePe Communicator is the perfect visual aid for instructing patients in oral hygiene techniques. This tool contains a handmade and custom calibrated mouth model with interdental spaces for demonstrating TePe Interdental and TePe Proximal brushes. This allows the patient to learn first..