Dental Models

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  • Locator Overdenture supplied with Box
    Lower arch, fully edentulous. Clear, hard base. 2 Brass analogs. Acrylic overdenture with 2 Locator caps. ..
  • Models of Individual Teeth
    A useful set of 3 giant size models of a Molar (15x12x12cm), Canine (18x9x9cm) and Incisor (18x6x9cm). Great for demonstrating the different functions (chewing, biting and gnawing) of each type of tooth. Includes teacher's notes. ..
  • Molar Tooth Model
    Molar tooth model, about 8 times lifesize. Showing two roots externally which splits into two parts to show caries for patient education and treatment discussion. ..
  • Mr Gross Mouth
    This hinged model of the teeth, tongue, and oral cavity shows the effects of smokeless tobacco use. The hand painted model is mounted on a wooden base. Includes a bottle with simulated tobacco that can be used to make tobacco juice. Size:  6 x 4 x 8 inches. ..
  • Orthodontic Demonstration Model
    Twice life size dental model with permanent orthodontic brackets and arch wire in a lightweight construction. I deal to show the difference between the conventional brackets shown on the right quadrant and the aesthetic brackets shown on the left quadrant.  Toothbru..
  • Paedodontic 6 Model Kit - With Box
    6 upper and lower Paedodontic cases. Pink, hard bases with natural-coloured teeth. Includes 6-cavity storage/display box. Kit includes: Ideal, Cross Bite, Deep Bite, Open Bite, Class II, Class III ..