Dental Models

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  • Ideal Baby Tooth Model
    Two tone ideal deciduous occlusion. Good for showing parents how teeth compare with those against the decayed model. ..
  • Implant  Presentation Kit
    Consisting of 3 models in a protective case: 4 Implant cast hader bar and overdenture containing EDS clips; Implants and ball abutments, including overdenture with O-rings; Crown and bridge model with single unit posterior bridge supported by implants and cementable abutments. ..
  • Implant, Crown & Bridge Combination Model With Box
    Upper arch, partially edentulous. Clear, hard base. 7-unit restorations including: 3-5 Implant-supported bridge, 8 Full crown over implant, 12-14, Tooth-supported bridge Supplied boxed. ..
  • Implantology Model
    This lower model, transparent, with anatomical teeth and cylinder implants is perfect for explaining treatment. Also features removable metal abutments and demonstrations. ..
  • Large Demonstration Toothbrush
    Large toothbrush for use with the orthodontic demonstration model and other models with twice life size dentition ..
  • Large Hygiene and Caries Model
    Consists of an upper and lower arch with 32 partially removable teeth and transparent acrylic gingival.  Illustrates conditions and treatments such as periodontal disease, carries progression, abscess, impacted third molar, rotated third molar and implant. Size: 41/..