Dental Models

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  • Endodontic Model
    Save valuable surgery time with this high quality model. Shows treatment procedures on 5 partially opened teeth and continuous retrogression of the granuloma. ..
  • Gammy Gum Model
    This model shows periodontal problem ledges, pockets, gingival enlargement on the left quadrant but firm pink gum and cleaned inter-proximal areas on the right quadrant. ..
  • Giant Dental Care Model
    Perfect for oral health education this oversized model. Each model comes with a large toothbrush and the hinged jaw enhances the quality of the demonstration. Size: 7.5 x 6.5" ..
  • Giant Teeth Puppet Model
    A durable demonstration model to help you show them how to brush. Robustly made from a moulded durable vinylwith a puppet hand hold to help with your larger group demonstrations. Toothbrush included. ..
  • Human 4 part Skull Model
    The teeth of the upper and lower jaw can be extracted and replaced individually. A bone flap can be opened to view the dental roots, spongiosa, nerve canal and impacted wisdom tooth. ..
  • Hygiene Demonstration Model
    This large-scale set of teeth enables you to make a clear presentation of brushing techniques. Just the right size when speaking to smaller groups. 3 1/2" x 4".   ..