Dental Models

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  • Cross Section Tooth Model
    Show what is beneath the surface of a tooth. Size: 12cm high, 2 part soft foam model. Labelled with part names on one side and letters on the other. ..
  • Crown and Bridge Model
    This twice life-size upper model shows restorative crown and bridgework. The model includes a veneer, post and porcelain jacket crown, a three unit bridge, composite and amalgam filling, full gold crown and porcelain inlay. ..
  • Dental Care Model with Braces
    Depicting the lower jaw this model is perfect for discussing and demonstrating proper dental techniques.  Features a removable, healthy first molar and decayed first molar.  Comes with a bag of simulated plaque. Dimensions 15cm x 5cm x 13cm. ..
  • Dip and Decay Model Set
    Teachers and students will love the interactive Dip-n-Decay Model Set. Healthy teeth and gums appear to magically develop cavities, gum diseases, leukoplakia, and cancers after being submerged in simulated tobacco juice. Includes a container that mimics a snuff can and simulated tobacco juice ..
  • Diseased Tooth Model
    Make it easy to show patients common problems with this model showing: Cracked tooth; Filling; Post in finished root canal; Inflamed gums; diseased pulp abscess; Cavity decay and Porcelain crown. Size: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" with a depth of 1 3/4". ..
  • Dog Skull Model
    Medium-sized dog skull cast from nature with removable lower jaw. Made of plastic. ..