Dental Models

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  • Clear Crown & Bridge Model
    With single unit anterior crown and three unit posterior bridge with a water clear base resin for excellent visibility of implants.   ..
  • Clear Human Jaw Model
    Full size hinged clear cast jaw to allow viewing of roots. Healthy side shows normal dentition and occlusion. Affected side shows multiple pathologies, including: super eruption, apical alveolar abscess with caries, periodontal disease, lateral abscess, abfraction, irreg..
  • Clear Partial Skull Model
    With anatomically rooted teeth and functioning mandible. Spring hinged mandible to display normal function and anatomically rooted teeth visible through the clear resin skull. A great model for anatomical landmark identification. ..
  • Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisor Model
    Useful in case presentation clearly illustrating the difference between a conventional 3 unit bridge and tooth preparation vs a single implant retained crown. ..
  • Cosmetic Study Model with Implant
    This Formadent Model Demonstrates a wide variety of techniques including: Ceramic onlay, screw-in implant with ceramic crown, metal bridge with facing, veneers, metal bonded porcelain crown, jacket crown, thimble post jacket crown, porcelain bridge on two prepared teeth, metal crown and ceramic i..
  • Cracked Tooth Model
    This simple model demonstrates the effects of a crack under a filling. One side demonstrates how pressure on the tooth causes pain and the other side how the cracked tooth can be treated with a crown. Each model comes with a presentation case. ..