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  • Toothpaste Dress Up Outfit
    Toothpaste tabard with hood to fit one size from ages 3 - 7 years. 100% polyesters excluding trimmings. ..
  • Wooden Dentist Play Set
    A suitcase filled with everything needed to start work as a dolls and teddies dentist. This dentist tin suitcase comes with a set of wooden teeth, toothpaste, toothbrush, mirror, pick, cloth mask and hair cap.   A lovely introduction to the dentist and your role pla..
  • Wooden Mouth Puzzle
    This colourful, four tiered wood puzzle uncovers parts of the mouth layer by layer. It introduces children to the various parts of the mouth and their function as well as the concept that the mouth is the gateway to the body. Great for a waiting room, chair side, classroom or ho..
  • Wooden Tooth Puzzle
    Mr Tooth breaks himself up into a colourful four layered high quality wood puzzle so he can teach children about his various parts and their function. The child will learn about enamel, gums, bone, dentine, pulp and nerves as they explore each layer of Mr Tooth. Great for waiting room or class..
  • Yellow BrushBox
    BrushBox designed to hold up to 12 toothbrushes. High quality durable acrylic outer with a removable colour insert for easy cleaning. Hinged lid, natural air drying and self stacking. Holds plain manual handle brushes including the TePe brushes pictured. ..
  • What's in your Mouth / What's in Your Child's Mouth
    Dental clinicians have a responsibility to teach patients the importance of oral health care, and this book shows adult patients what can happen if they neglect their teeth. It presents full-page images to show what plaque, decay, and gingivitis look like and how they can cont..