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  • Plaqsearch disclosing tablets - single box of 20 tablets
    Two colour disclosing tablets to help patients improve their cleaning regime. Identify new plaque with red and old plaque with blue to show the parts they are missing long term. Dyes are from natural vegetable sources. Single box of 20 tablets. ..
  • Plaque Buster Pack
    Toothbrushing in a group is a great way to learn. Everything you need to demonstrate both brushing techniques and for two minutes. Kit Includes: brushing mode large 2 minute timer 20 plaque tablets 12 disposable toothbrushes 12 disposable mouth mirrors. Refill pack available. ..
  • Red BrushBox
    BrushBox designed to hold up to 12 toothbrushes. High quality durable acrylic outer with a removable colour insert for easy cleaning. Hinged lid, natural air drying and self stacking. Holds plain manual handle brushes including the TePe brushes pictured. ..
  • Refill Pack
    Already have a tooth brushing demonstrator and sand timer? Then this refill pack contains everything else you need: with 20 two-tone PlaqueSearch tablets, 12 disposable toothbrushes and 12 disposable mouth mirrors.  ..
  • Sugar Kit
    A complete kit with everything you need (except the sugar) to show how much sugar is in many of the items we eat and drink, including biscuits, baked beans and cola. Includes: 10 x 50ml clear measuring containers, Measuring spoons, Sugar content labels, Lesson plan/instruction sheet, Sugar conten..
  • TePe Manual Brushes plain handle
    Designed to give optimal grip and control the TePe brushes are a vital tool for any patient. Compact Select head suitable for children and adults alike. Sold individually wrapped, assorted colours.   Also available in packs of 10. ..