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Provide an activity and with this range of creative materials to help them concentrate on the task you set them!

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  • Models of Individual Teeth
    A useful set of 3 giant size models of a Molar (15x12x12cm), Canine (18x9x9cm) and Incisor (18x6x9cm). Great for demonstrating the different functions (chewing, biting and gnawing) of each type of tooth. Includes teacher's notes. ..
  • Sugar Kit
    A complete kit with everything you need (except the sugar) to show how much sugar is in many of the items we eat and drink, including biscuits, baked beans and cola. Includes: 10 x 50ml clear measuring containers, Measuring spoons, Sugar content labels, Lesson plan/instruction sheet, Sugar conten..
  • Tooth Friendly Snacks Magnetic Board
    Which foods are ‘tooth  friendly’  and which  are not? Which foods would make good snacks and which are less desirable. This easy to use magnetic snack board shows your group the bad foods by sticking to the tooth image and the good foods by not sticking.&..
  • Tooth Time
    Education pack designed to help teach the importance of good oral health. Perfect for nursery children, with lesson plans, activities, worksheets and more. Contains 70 Pages. ..
  • Wooden Mouth Puzzle
    This colourful, four tiered wood puzzle uncovers parts of the mouth layer by layer. It introduces children to the various parts of the mouth and their function as well as the concept that the mouth is the gateway to the body. Great for a waiting room, chair side, classroom or ho..
  • Wooden Tooth Puzzle
    Mr Tooth breaks himself up into a colourful four layered high quality wood puzzle so he can teach children about his various parts and their function. The child will learn about enamel, gums, bone, dentine, pulp and nerves as they explore each layer of Mr Tooth. Great for waiting room or class..