Introduce some colour and information to your walls - decorate and educate.

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  • Fruit Poster
    Oral Health Foundation A2 Information poster showing the amount of sugar and calories in many types of fruit, per portion and per 100g.     ..
  • Harmful Effects Of Alcohol
    Follow alcohol's destructive path through the body to reinforce the point that alcohol abuse can damage practically every organ. Laminated. 24" x 36". ..
  • Harmful Effects Of Smoking Poster
    Track smoking's destructive impact throughout the entire body (not just the heart and lungs). This extra-large chart shows the effects in vivid detail. Laminated. 24" x 36" ..
  • Kiss a Non-Smoker Poster
    Poster simply stating "kiss a non-smoker - taste the difference". Size A3. ..
  • Like Snogging An Ashtray- Poster
    A no messing poster reminding smokers that "kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray" - yuk! Poster size: A3  ..
  • Lucy Smokes 20 A Day -Poster
    A pregnant young woman with a cigarette states that 'Lucy smokes 20 a day' it then adds ironically, 'so does her mum'. It then explains how the poisons in tobacco smoke pass through to the baby and damage its development and health. It urges mothers-to-be to stop smoking. A3 ..