Cosmetic Treatments

Achieve greater treatment acceptace with a visual demonstration of procedures

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  • Implant, Crown & Bridge Combination Model With Box
    Upper arch, partially edentulous. Clear, hard base. 7-unit restorations including: 3-5 Implant-supported bridge, 8 Full crown over implant, 12-14, Tooth-supported bridge Supplied boxed. ..
  • Implantology Model
    This lower model, transparent, with anatomical teeth and cylinder implants is perfect for explaining treatment. Also features removable metal abutments and demonstrations. ..
  • Locator Overdenture supplied with Box
    Lower arch, fully edentulous. Clear, hard base. 2 Brass analogs. Acrylic overdenture with 2 Locator caps. ..
  • Study PFM Model
    This study model features: PFM Crown with Ceka connecting unit;  PFM 3 Unit Bridge; Post & Core; Porcelain Veneer; Maryland Bridge; Metal connecting unit for Partial Denture; Semi Precious keyway for Partial Denture; Cast Gold..
  • Veneer Quadrant Model
    Show your patients exactly what is involved in veneers and increases treatment acceptance. Model details include Teeth No.6 through to No.11 showing pre-treatment condition and post-treatment with veneers in place. One removable veneer only on tooth No.9. ..