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Achieve greater treatment acceptace with a visual demonstration of procedures

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  • Gammy Gum Model
    This model shows periodontal problem ledges, pockets, gingival enlargement on the left quadrant but firm pink gum and cleaned inter-proximal areas on the right quadrant. ..
  • Large Hygiene and Caries Model
    Consists of an upper and lower arch with 32 partially removable teeth and transparent acrylic gingival.  Illustrates conditions and treatments such as periodontal disease, carries progression, abscess, impacted third molar, rotated third molar and implant. Size: 41/..
  • Peridontal Disease Model
    Sagittally sectioned model for visual presentation of gingivitis and alveolar resorption in a series of 5 stages including normal condition. ..
  • Sealant Demonstrator Model
    Present the benefits of pit & fissure sealant treatment, four times larger than life.  Hand cast and assembled of tough epoxy plastic in natural colours. Measures L: 5 1/2" x W:2 1/4". ..
  • Unit 3 Model
    Five times life-size, a set of three vertically cut molars in section showing progress of enamel and dentine caries and pulp destruction. Also, on one side a white lesion progressively disappearing with remineralization. Encourages constructive preventive habits and regu..