CDs & DVDs

Describe conditions and treatments or entertain – your choice.

Ideal for educating and informing patients in the waiting room or in group situations for both adults and children.

    Children - all good education should also be entertaining and this range of CDs and DVDs certainly do both. 

    Adult - Educate patients with this range of multi-media.

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  • Pearls of Wisdom CD-ROM
    At last a fun and innovative way to help children learn about the importance of looking after their teeth. Packed with fun activities, printables and video clips. ..
  • Roberto Meets the Tooth Fairy DVD
    Roberto meets the Toothfairy and learns the importance of why he should brush his teeth and wash his hands. Fifteen minutes long. Suitable for ages 2-6 years. ..
  • Teeth Interactive CD-ROM
    The interactive  chart  is accompanied  by  pages  of additional notes  and the quiz is a great summary activity which will help assess pupils’ understanding. ..
  • Transcultural oral health DVD
    Not all tobacco is smoked in cigarettes and pipes; it may  be chewed,  inhaled  or consumed  with other products.   This DVD explores the products, the cultural contexts and the health impacts of consumption. Includes printable handbook and leaflet in several languages..