CDs & DVDs

Describe conditions and treatments or entertain – your choice.

Ideal for educating and informing patients in the waiting room or in group situations for both adults and children.

    Children - all good education should also be entertaining and this range of CDs and DVDs certainly do both. 

    Adult - Educate patients with this range of multi-media.

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  • Handwashing and Toothbrushing songs CD
    Bright and bubbly selection of songs to help with understanding of why we need to wash and brush to help stay healthy. ..
  • Harry at the Zoo DVD
    Follow Harry as he takes a trip to the Zoo. There he meets a variety of animals who tell him all about healthy eating and how to take better care of his teeth. With artwork and voices from primary school children. ..
  • Harry On Holiday - DVD
    Harry and his little sister Rosie are off on there holiday with their mum and dad. At the hotal, Harry plays in the pool, makes some new friends and forgets about all the good advice his dentist has given him. An ideal DVD for group discussions. With artwork and voices from primary school chil..
  • Individual CD-ROM
    An Interative CD-ROM featuring our Bright Bites' Hero Charlie! Children can direct Charlie around his house visiting different rooms each containing informationon a specific topic. Children can test their knowledge in a quiz to measure learning outcomes and can print off a personalised  cert..
  • Molly's Lunchbox DVD
    Using artwork  and voices  from primary school children, follow Molly as she learns about  healthy  eating,  visiting  her dentist regularly and brushing her teeth daily. A lovely DVD to use in a group or classroom environment. ..
  • Multi-lingual dental education DVD
    Show your patients how to maintain good oral health  in 5 languages:  English,  Polish,  Bengali, Punjabi and Urdu. The content includes brushing, limiting   sugary   foods and drinks along with regular dental visits. ..