Caring for your mouth DVD patient pack

Caring for your mouth DVD patient pack

Price: £49.99

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Caring For Your Mouth is a dental health education title. 10 DVDs, each with 10 concise videos, it is designed to help dentists, hygienists and health educators inform their patients about the essentials of oral hygiene and related subjects quickly, easily and with minimum fuss.

The videos are available for use within the practice or similar setting on DVD. 

 This special pack comprises the patient versions so that advice given in the practice can be reinforced at home. Now there is no excuse! Can be given away or sold to the patient.

Also available as practice versions only or as a discounted pack with one practice and 10 patient discs. The DVD contains the following short videos:

  • Why brush?
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Toothbrushing for children
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Cleaning between the teeth
  • How to floss
  • Cleaning braces
  • Cleaning bridges
  • Cleaning implants
  • Cleaning dentures
Size small standard square CD case
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