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  • To Be A Star
    Anil learns from his sister that the tooth fairy uses the teeth she collects to make new stars in the sky. He is very upset when the fairy writes to say that she can’t use his because it has not been looked after properly. Things soon change when he uses her rules for “star teeth”. An enchanti..
  • Topsy & Tim go to the Dentist
    Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children having first experiences of their own. In Topsy and Tim: Go to the Dentist children can find out how to keep their teeth healthy and discover that going to the dentist isn't such a sca..
  • What to eat and drink
    Lovely small booklet designed to educate and motivate.   Works hand in hand with 'How to clean your teeth' by the same author. ..
  • Wibbly Wobbly Tooth
    Luca has a wibbly wobbly tooth and everyone wants to pull it out.   Will Luca let them pull out his tooth? Raintree Literacy reading book with curriculum link and teachers notes. Paperback. 16 pages ..