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  • Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs Book
    A dynamic rhyming children's book with zany illustrations, encouraging children to brush their teeth regularly. Features the very naughty Dinosaur Douglas, who always gets things wrong before he gets them right. Embraces literacy, art and health. ..
  • Eat Well (Big books range)
      An excellent introduction to the concept of healthy eatin. With beautiful bright colour photographs. ..
  • First Time at the Dentist
    What will happen? Will it hurt? Will you stay with me? Reading Dentist with your child is the perfect opportunity to talk about these questions, and many more! Young children’s lives are full of new experiences and these books help make them less scary. The simple conver..
  • Get out of my mouth
    A story for children aged 6 and above who are learning to clean their teeth. Bringing bugs that live on dirty teeth to life in a fun and informative way. 24 Pages. ..
  • Get out of my mouth - Oh no not the sweets
    Two great little books which are both fun and informative teaching children about cleaning teeth and healthy food choices. ..
  • Going to the Dentist
    Meet the Judd family as they embark on their visit to the dentist. Jake and Jessie learn about healthy teeth and the difference a good diet makes. Contains 16 Pages. ..