Children's Story Books

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  • Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs Book
    A dynamic rhyming children's book with zany illustrations, encouraging children to brush their teeth regularly. Features the very naughty Dinosaur Douglas, who always gets things wrong before he gets them right. Embraces literacy, art and health. ..
  • Just going to the dentist
    Delightful pictures and simple text prepare any child for their first dentist trip.  Contains 24 pages. ..
  • Lollipop & Grandpa and the Wobbly Tooth
    Lollipop has her first wobbly tooth. Luckily Grandpa has come up with several ingenious ideas for sorting out wobbly teeth.   Contains: 32 Pages.   Paperback book. ..
  • Open Wide… What's Inside?
    This is a humorous, rhyming story about the Sugarbugs that live in your mouth and the revolting habits they have that make your breath smell and your teeth decay. Contains 15 pages. ..
  • Peppa Pig Dentist Trip
    Dentist Trip is a colourful and entertaining storybook, based on the award-winning television character Peppa Pig. Peppa, George and Mr Dinosaur are going to the dentist. It's George's first visit and he's a teeny bit nervous. Find out how their trip goes in this lovely adventure.  C..
  • Peppa Pig the Tooth Fairy
    Peppa Pig discovers the Tooth Fairy! Peppa Pig has lost her first tooth. With the tooth safely under her pillow, Peppa waits for the Tooth Fairy to arrive! Read this delightful story book, and use the letter and tooth envelope to wait for the Tooth Fairy yourself. Dr Elephant, the dentist, giv..